Monday, December 20, 2010

Vintage patterns

I’m in waiting mode at the moment – waiting for a call from the car service place (really, if my car is booked in for 10am, why am I still waiting at 3:30pm for a phone call to say bring it in??) – so I thought I’d post up some lovely pictures from my pattern stash. Make the interwebs a prettier place. :0)


This is easily my favourite pattern (that I’ve never made up…). I purchased it on a weekend getaway with friends in a gigantic shed somewhere near Mount Beauty (or rather, somewhere between Melbourne and Mt Beauty). It cost me a whole dollar.

I didn’t care if all the pieces where there or not, I just fell in love with the story I made up in my head, about Miss M Gardner who lived near Ned Kelly country of Glenrowan, carefully clipping a coupon from a magazine in March 1937 and sending it away to the big smoke of Sydney.

Imagine my delight when I got it home (nope, resisted even PEEKING inside it) and found that all the pieces were there except the belt (meh… who cares?!?!) AND the instructions AND the original picture was included.


I have no idea if the magazine included it when they sent the pattern or if Miss M. Gardner clipped it from the original magazine article and then put it with the pattern when it arrived. Either way – I love it!


She’s pretty! I love the drape neckline and the back pleats with bow at the back of View 1. I haven’t made this one up yet, but the View 1 is looking quite likely.


I love these because of where they have come from. My Aunty Bub is the seamstress in our family – some of my favourite childhood dresses were made by her. I’ll have to dig some up and scan them in.

A few years ago on a family visit, Aunty Bub gave me a huge stash contribution and the above four were included. I particularly like the halterneck, top right. No… haven’t made any of these up yet.


Another Aunty Bub special AND why yes, I HAVE made this one up! I just can’t find a photo of it. I will do a full scale hunt for the photo after Christmas because it came out incredibly well.

I made up view B in a gorgeous Hawaiian print with a red background.


Aunty Bub Special. ABS from now on… What is with View B’s hip-thrusting don’t-mess-with-me stance, View A’s apparent discovery of her boobs and View C’s body building regime which doesn’t allow her to lower her arms…?


ABS… I’ve just noticed all the crossover/draped necklines in her collection. Love it.


This one I got from Miss Helene’s Vintage Sewing Shoppe. Apparently the inability to resist a draped neckline runs in the family!

CIMG2488 This doll is a little more damaged than the rest and I honestly can’t remember where she came from. Rescued from an unloving store somewhere I think.

I know some people have gigantic fabric stashes… my weakness seems to be collecting patterns. I have every good intention of making them up, but then just don’t seem to get around to it.

I’ll have to get one of those kitschy pottery round tuits – that way I’ll have no excuse.

There are more patterns but Melbourne is having an unbearable cold snap right now and fingers and feet are frozen. Time to go stamp up and down and do some more mechanic cursing.

I’m not sure if I’ll get another post in before Friday so I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas. If you’re not celebrating Christmas, then I hope you have a very happy multi-denomination festival. :0)

Santadog 2 Seamus says “same here”


  1. I adore these patterns... I especially love how all the girls in the Butterick patterns look as though they have had their ribs removed!

    I also love the address on the parcel almost as much as the pattern. "Miss Gardner Via Glenrowan". Remember when your posty knew everyone?

  2. Hi - I just found your blog and read back a few posts. It's great! Will totally be reading ALL of it when I have time - you do really call things (sewing, swing dancing!!)

    Also, these patterns are lovely! I can't wait to see if you make any of them. Is there any chance you would consider posting a photo of the pieces? I draft my own patterns, but don't have much experience - it's useful to look at shapes of existing ones to get more ideas :) - especially the dress bottom right in the first picture - it's SO pretty

    anyway, sorry for rambling on your blog >_<

  3. From one pattern-hoarding seamstress to another - what stunning patterns you have! I'm in love with the first one in this post (the 1930s) and the McCall's all about neckline details in my view ;o)

  4. Such loveliness! I adore 7982. And I'm positive I recognize 8084, I believe someone made it up and entered it in a contest on pattern review this year? If it's the same dress, the results were spectacular.

  5. WOW!!! I love ALL the patterns!!! ALL well there are some I like more but all are really lovely and I wish I could have all them!! I envy you!
    And the first one, wow!

  6. Wow, these are lovely. McCalls 6640 is so elegant and I really like the youthful look of the pattern number 1494. The waistlines on Butterick 8084 are they for real ;-) Even if you never sew any of them, browsing through your pattern stash is so much fun.


  7. Wow, your aunt was so stylish! And tiny! So happy that you have these great patterns. I agree with Christiana, browsing through them is fun in itself! I spend many happy hours with my stash.

  8. I have been selling patterns for quite awhile and I'm stumped by those "plain envelopes". If you have anymore information about who made or sold them I'd love to know.
    How nice to have an Aunt with such good taste!

  9. Thank you for your comments everyone. Yes, I must admit, I do love looking through my patterns but I hope I didn't stir up any pattern-envy. :0)
    I'm a bit more wary these days of pattern illustrations where the woman's head is around the same size as her waist. It's usually a disappointment to me when it doesn't come out looking that way made up. :0)

  10. I compliment your taste in patterns, draped in the chest always flattering. It is very fun to do stories in the minds of all who have had life patterns of its previous owners.

  11. These patterns are great! I would bet half my stash that your aunt was a proud pear-shaped person. As a small-of-boob person, I can tell you that all those necklines are awesome. That lady must have known exactly what looked good on her figure. Love it!