Friday, February 1, 2013


So I finally checked out my Google Reader for the first time since cocky was an egg… and oh dear, only 500+ blog posts to read.

I think sometimes I avoid visiting the ol’ Reader because I know it’s at a point where it would take two days of solid reading to catch up on all the posts… and some of them I simply HAVE to figure out how many posts of a particular blog I’ve missed then find the first one and start reading them backwards… I have to read them in the right order, not the most recent first. Argh!

It’s kind of like my Inbox at this point, a metric bazillion tonne of emails in there and whilst I might clean out 40 in a really good, concentrated sweep, I never really seem to get totally on top of them.

I know some people who never have anything in their Inbox – freaks – but I just don’t know how they do it. I guess these days with seemingly unlimited storage it doesn’t matter that much… but I’m certainly old enough to remember having IT people constantly yelling at me to clean out my Inbox because it was slowing my computer down. Yeah. All 25 emails (vs. my now 600 plus in the Inbox).

Don’t get me wrong. I would LOVE to be one of those super-organised people who files and/or deletes everything but I equally recognise that I’m not one of them. :0)

Anyway, what’s the point of this post?

I’ve been inspired! Inspired by all the wonderful sewing blogs out there and I definitely want to do more sewing this year.

Not a resolution as such, but a definite goal for the year. What’s the diff? Semantics, of course.

Happily, I have already made one thing this year – a slightly skewiff pocket square for my darling partner, Justin. Sure, even the name of it gives some hint as to what its shape should be, but I was running out of time the day before the wedding we were going to and so hems weren’t as carefully measured (measured?! Ha!) as they could have been and so the ‘square’ ended up being more of a slight ‘rectangle’.

This did mean that the lovely triple-fold that I found on the internet was a bit wonk, but happily the wonk was pretty much all hidden in the pocket. Yay for pockets!

Speaking of…

Green skirt quote

A little something I made today (the photoshoppery, not the skirt! The skirt is for sale on my website, and yes, it does have pockets!).

I really do love pockets in dresses and skirts. My only problem is that I’m not used to them yet so I find myself juggling five things and THEN remembering the saving pockets. Especially brilliant when hanging out the washing… no more bending down like a caveman (eh?) to the ground to get the pegs anymore!


So I’m not very far through my Google Reader backlog clear out, but I send big thanks to the following blogs for reigniting the flame:

Molly's Sewing And Garage Sale Adventures

A Dress A Day

My Happy Sewing Place

Three very creative and entertaining ladies and three inspiring sewing types!

Roll on 2013, you beast.

Hopefully I’ll even finish my ‘four plus years in the making’ Vogue reissue. I can’t remember its number but it has a beautiful drape that hangs from the shoulder and down the back. It is completely finished except for the hand-sewing required for the hem… it’s been this way for at least two years. What can I say… when I’m not in the mood, I really am not in the mood.

Ok, it’s now February so here we go… this thing will be hemmed by the end of the month. Yeah, that’s a long time for one hem, but a girl needs a little wiggle room!


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