Wednesday, April 10, 2013

More loveliness!

I love it when the delivery guy arrives!! Yes, even when it’s early and gets me out of bed, hair everywhere, in my PJs, nothing on my feet, forgot to put my glasses on and cannot string a coherent sentence together… BUT, I did manage to scrawl a signature so that box is MINE!

So what was in it?

The Red Roses Patio dress…

Red Roses Patio dress

Besides the lovely fabric print – who doesn’t love a red rose?! – the thing that pushed this into a “YES! I must order this for the store!” was the beautiful bodice detailing… in particular the red piping and the cut-outs.

It is a lovely dress and is fully lined in the same soft cotton voile – and what I particularly like is the skirt underlining is not sewn into the hem, so it’s like an entire second skirt for a bit of extra flounce!

Enough for now – more soon though as there was another new style nestled in the box.




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