Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A handy hint for belts and dancing to Star Wars!

What a weekend I’ve just had!

Saturday was the culmination of months of work by my wonderful dance students. They finally got to show their friends and family what they had been working on for the past 9 Tuesday nights.

Balpit Star Wars performance, 2013 Performance Ball

I’ve always loved Star Wars, ever since I was a kid and my Dad and two brothers would freak out over the movies and associated paraphernalia. I even had my own Yoda doll.

So when it was casually mentioned one night that the Cantina Band song would make a great song to dance balboa too, my brain lit up… “Yes! We have to do that for this year’s routine!”

And so the germ of an idea progressed to the above.

I’m so proud of all of the students – particularly those that haven’t been dancing for very long and those who haven’t performed like this before. A couple of hundred people watching you can be very intimidating!

Heck, it can be very intimidating when you HAVE been dancing for a while and have done it all before!

I thought my nerves would have been lessened this year as I wasn’t performing but I turned out to be just as nervous for the group to do well and be happy with their performance! The video I took is actually a bit shaky as I couldn’t hold the camera still, so the above video is someone else’s.

Anyway, I was originally intending to write about a handy little tip that I have for your belt, but I seem to have veered off topic. I put it down to the fact that I’m in the death grip of a cold and it’s the second day which is proving worse than the first.

So, ever had a problem with your belt sticking out at weird angles or flopping about like a mad thing, particularly when your clothing – or indeed your belt itself - has zero in the way of belt loops?


A quick and easy fix is to make yourself a five second belt loop, and all you need is a hair tie/elastic in the same colour as your belt. Loop it around a couple of times, depending on your hair tie and the width of the belt, then slide it up towards the buckle. Belt up, slip the end through the loop et voila!


Of course you could sew up a permanent belt loop, but when its this easy… well, I think I’ve just discovered where all my hair ties have gone. Pretty sure they are on my loopless belts.

I think the Vicks Vapourub and nasal sprays are getting to me, so I’m going to leave this right here for you.

Enjoy your day!




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