Friday, July 9, 2010

Entering the blogosphere… Houston… are you there??

Hi there… long time reader, first time blogger here…

At this point in the life of my blog, I have not really decided on a plan or direction… well, no there is a vague direction – there will be sewing, dancing – swing dancing, mainly Balboa – greyhounds (because I am owned by one named Seamus), lots of 1920s through to 1950s things (music, furniture, architecture, pictures, fashion)  and probably pretty much anything that annoys me in the news… which is a lot of late.

My reasons for doing this…? I hope mainly to share the passions of my life with like-minded individuals and maybe even introduce a few people to a new passion of their own. I will also probably use this page to vent a little when things upset me – BP, you’re my biggest target right now - and I also hope to make a few new friends on the way… at least that’s the way I feel about the bloggers that I currently follow… funny huh… friends I’ve never spoken to, never met and yet I’d miss them if they weren’t around. :0)

My apologies in advance for my overuse of the ellipsis… I just love it… see…?

Oh… and my apologies for my lack of manners! My name is Denise. Pleased to “meet” you. ;0)

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