Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Universe says… finish Simplicity 4911!

So, my lethargy towards 4911 continues so I pulled out another incomplete project to continue it and… my sewing machine has had a breakdown! It is sewing the most gigantic knot around the bobbin that I’ve ever seen.

I’ve pulled the bobbin mechanism/shuttle race apart, de-linted it, cleaned, polished, waxed (well, not waxed, but you get the idea)… and it is still making knots… it’s like the thread isn’t being pushed high enough to clear the mechanism… anyway, I truly don’t know what is up with it, but I went to Spotlight and bought some sewing machine oil, so that is my final grasp at making this work before I give in and take it to the shop.

Fingers crossed.

I can’t help but feel though that the universe is trying to tell me to get on with the handsewing of 4911 and stop slacking off.

So… to do list reads as follows…

1. take your needle and thread out and finish this project!

2. oil the machine

3. never again sew any muslins in cute fabric. They are not meant to be worn, they are meant to be drawn on, pinned up and ripped apart. My ‘incomplete project’ is a muslin for McCalls 9852 – a nice shirtwaist dress with a full skirt… but my mistake was deciding to make a muslin from some cheap (but cute!) blue and white gingham… stupid, stupid idea…. I want this to work out so much… :0)

Has anyone else fell victim to the ‘wearable muslin’…?

McCalls 9852

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