Saturday, September 8, 2012

Four weeks on

…and what a strange four weeks they have been.

There was such a build up of anticipation for the website launch, followed by the high of some sales, followed by a slew of advice, well wishes and tweaking.

Tweaking the range, tweaking the website, tweaking my expectations.

Being at the start of a new business is kind of hard when you are as competitive as me. To say that I want results straight out of the gate is an understatement. :0)

I had my first mentor visit during the week and, even through the purpose of these meetings is to take stock of where you are, make sure things are on track and ask any questions you may have of someone who has already been there and done that,  I felt that because I didn’t have a bazillion sales and a ledger in the black that I was somehow failing.

Talk about being tough on myself. Jeez. Strangely although I am reading a business book by Poppy King who WAS successful straight out of the blocks with her first business at age 19, it was actually her book that got it through to me that I needed to be a bit kinder to myself. Her amazing success is unfortunately NOT the norm.

So now  (although I am still very keen to get more clothing OUT of the door and into the wardrobes of other gals) I am concentrating on the important things like finding more quality, stylish goods, spreading the word to the non-swing dance community in Australia and providing an entertaining and informative blog, Facebook and Pinterest page.

Belle YSL

Denise xx

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